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Ride App Operations at Logan Begin Move to Central Location

*NOTE – Media will be invited to see the new space on Wednesday, October 23rd. We will send a media advisory with more information on Monday.

Expected to reduce congestion, improve customer experience

BOSTON – Starting Monday, October 28, passengers arriving at terminals A and C planning to use Ride App/Uber and Lyft services will be picked up in the new Central Parking location that connects to all terminals at Logan Airport. A comprehensive communication plan has been rolled out and will continue over the next several weeks. The plan includes signage around the airport, a public ad campaign, and messaging to drivers and their passengers through the Uber and Lyft apps.

“As a robust economy continues to drive Logan Airport passenger growth, we need to move Ride App operations to the new centralized location to help alleviate congestion on our roadways, the tunnels and in the surrounding communities,” said Massport CEO Lisa Wieland. “We want to provide a better experience for all of our customers, and we think this plan achieves that goal.”

In order for operations to run smoothly and passengers to adjust, we have developed a phased approach. Over the next several weeks, the following schedule will go into effect for all Ride App operations:

  • October 28: terminals A and C
    • All Ride App pick-ups for passengers arriving at those terminals will move to Central Parking.
    • Terminal A serves Delta and West Jet, and Terminal C serves JetBlue, Aer Lingus, Silver Airways, Cape Air and TAP (departures only).
    • Departing passengers will still be dropped off at the terminal curb, and passengers arriving at terminals B and E will still use the existing terminal Ride App locations.
  • November 4: terminals B and E
    • All Ride App pick-ups for passengers arriving at those terminals will move to Central Parking.
    • Terminal B serves American Airlines, Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines and Boutique Air, and Terminal E serves all international airlines and all international arrivals.
  • November 11: All Ride App drop-offs between 4 a.m. and 10 a.m. move to the lower level terminal curbs
  • December 9: All Ride App drop-offs, unless between 4 a.m. to 10 a.m., move to Central Parking
    • New drop off Ride App fees will take effect.
    • Reduced Shared Ride fee will take effect.

Today, no matter the weather, Uber and Lyft passengers at Logan Airport are being picked up in undersized lots with minimal coverage from the elements. The new, dedicated areas located in Central Parking are weather-protected, safer and more efficient, and with less congestion, the overall trip time for all passengers is expected to be shorter. By creating a new Ride App area in Central Parking, we are able to add amenities to improve the passenger experience and the walking distance to the terminals is the same as if a passenger parked their car. Features of this space include:

  • Protection from the elements, and localized heaters in the winter;
  • New lighting design throughout the areas;
  • Skycap services including checked baggage for domestic flights by Bags, Inc. and wheelchair assistance;
  • Rematch service that allows a driver dropping off a passenger to then quickly pick up a passenger;
  • Space needed for shared rides, for which the trip fee will be discounted;
  • ADA compliant design, though passengers with disabilities can choose to be dropped off and picked up at the terminal curbs.

There is signage throughout the airport directing passengers to the new location. For more information and real time updates, please visit Logan Forward.

Over the next several years, Logan Airport will undergo a series of significant projects to renovate and enhance roadways, terminals and other facilities. Our end goal is to make the travel experience easier than ever. We call our commitment Logan Forward.