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Noise Abatement

Noise Abatement at Boston Logan

Due to Boston Logan’s unique proximity to residential communities throughout the Greater Boston metropolitan area, Massport has been continually working to minimize the impacts of noise on our surrounding neighbors since 1975.

In 1977, Massport established the Noise Abatement Office to implement noise reduction rules, collaborating with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and our airline partners. The office helped our partners analyze how airport noise affected local communities, informing actions to further reduce the airport's impact on residents.

At Boston Logan, we take pride in being a leader in noise reduction and mitigation: 

  • Boston Logan was one of the first airports in the nation to install a noise monitoring system in the surrounding communities that guides Massport’s aggressive noise abatement efforts.
  • In 1981, Boston Logan became the first airport in the nation to receive a grant from the FAA to test the benefits of soundproofing in public schools. Since launching the soundproofing program in 1983, Massport has invested over $170 million to soundproof more than 11,000 dwelling units and 36 schools.
  • Logan International Airport Noise Abatement Rules and Regulations include restrictions on certain runways, some ground operations, and prohibition of old, noisy engine technology.
  • In 2016, Massport signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the FAA establishing a framework for a noise study—the first of its kind between the FAA and an airport operator—to study the implications of flight concentrations, in the interest of identifying potential strategies designed to reduce community noise impact. Some of the recommendations from this study are still in process, while others have been implemented and enforced as soon as December 2021. 

Boston Logan and Worcester Regional Airport Noise Complaints

Massport’s Noise Abatement Office maintains a 24-hour noise report line to report excessive airport noise. The noise report line number is 617-561-3333. Residents may also file a complaint online.

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Noise Complaints by Town

Boston Logan Flight Monitor

There are several options for registering a noise disturbance related to Boston Logan overflight noise. Flight Monitor (PublicVue) allows you to watch the time-delayed movement of aircraft within the Greater Boston area and learn more about general aircraft operations, as well as file a disturbance report to Massport’s Noise Abatement Office.

Flight Monitor (PublicVue) is being provided to the community as an informational tool that is designed to increase understanding about Boston Logan overflights. There are limitations, including interference of signals and a ten-minute delay for security purposes, as well as limits to the type of information that can be provided for non-Boston Logan flights, such as helicopters and small propeller aircraft. 

Flight Monitor

Quick Start Guide

Full User Guide

Noise Abatement Resources

For more information on Massport and Boston Logan’s noise abatement and reduction efforts, as well as those of our partners at the FAA and our surrounding communities, please see the links below.


Information on noise-exposed population, the Cumulative Noise Index, aircraft stage certifications, and a glossary of noise terminology can be found within the Environmental Data Reports below.

Massport Community Advisory Committee (MCAC)
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
ASCENT Project