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Sustainable Design and Construction

Massport is committed to being a leader in sustainable design and construction across all of our business lines.

Massport is committed to applying the principles of sustainable design and construction to all projects through its Sustainability, NetZero and Resiliency Design Standards.

Massport takes a comprehensive approach to include new construction and reconstruction or rehabilitation projects, in both physical buildings and infrastructure of any square footage or monetary value.

Since 2005, when Boston Logan’s Terminal A redevelopment became the first U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) LEED-certified airport terminal in the world, Massport has employed the LEED rating system to advance the designs and performance of its portfolio.

As of fall 2022, there are eight LEED-certified projects at Massport, with two in progress and several tenant spaces certified. The LEED framework helps Massport apply the latest environmentally sound design and construction principles and practices while aligning with its sustainability goals and enhancing its institutional knowledge of high-performance buildings.

Name of the FacilityLocationGSFCertification LevelYear CertifiedLEED TypeVersionUSGBC Link
Terminal A RedevelopmentBOS671,658Certified2006 (Jun 22)NCv2.1
Green Bus DepotBOS43,071Silver2014 (Oct 2)NCv2009
Rental Car Center (RCC/ConRAC)BOS1,345,222Gold2015 (Mar 31)NCv2.2
John A. Volpe Terminal E NLA WingBOS31,465Gold2017 (Aug 14)ID+Cv2009
Terminal B Gates 37–38 ConnectorBOS44,727Gold2019 (Mar 25)ID+Cv2009
Hanscom ARFF/U.S. CBP FacilityBED11,500Silver2020 (May 29)NCv2009 
Terminal B Optimization ProjectBOS97,230Silver2022 (Jan 28)NCv2009
Terminal B to C ConnectorBOS166,600Gold2023 (Sept 18)BD+Cv4 
Terminal E ModernizationBOS In progress BD+Cv4 

Massport Design Standards

The Massport Sustainability, NetZero and Resiliency Design Standards ensure a standard of sustainability for all Massport projects to allow Massport to meet the goals set forth in its Roadmap to NetZero by 2031 and further embrace our commitment to environmental stewardship. The Sustainability, NetZero and Resiliency Design Standards streamline the achievement of sustainable outcomes by codifying sustainability and resiliency practices that Massport is already striving to achieve.

LEED certified building plaque