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Massport is governed by a seven-member Board. Five members are appointed by the Governor of Massachusetts, one is appointed by the Massachusetts Port Authority Community Advisory Committee, and the Secretary of Transportation and Chief Executive Officer of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation serves as an ex officio member. Board members serve staggered seven-year terms.

Massport’s Chief Executive Officer serves at the pleasure of the Board and is responsible for implementing the Board’s decisions and carrying out its agenda with the assistance of Massport’s executive staff.

View the Board meeting schedule and draft agenda.

Massport’s Executive Staff

Joel A. Barrera, Director of Strategic and Business Planning
Luciana Burdi, Director of Capital Programs and Environmental Affairs 
Tiffany Brown-Grier, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion/Compliance
Kwang Chen, Chief Information Officer
Alaina Coppola, Director of Community Relations and Government Affairs
Brian M. Day, Director of Labor Relations/Labor Counsel
Edward C. Freni, Interim Chief Executive Officer and Director of Aviation
David M. Gambone, Chief Human Resources Officer 
Lauren Gleason, Interim Port Director and Chief Administrative Officer 
Andrew Hargens, Chief Development Officer
Catherine M. McDonald, Interim Chief of Staff and Chief Legal Counsel
Jennifer B. Mehigan, Director of Media Relations
John Pranckevicius, Director of Administration and Finance/Secretary-Treasurer
John Raftery, Chief Marketing Officer
Christine Reardon, Director of Internal Audit
Harold H. Shaw, Chief Security Officer