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Media Relations

Filming, Photography and Brand Guidelines

Filming and Photography Guidelines

  • Credentialed members of news organizations should contact Massport Media Relations before arriving at Massport facilities.
  • Media members should be familiar with the United States Transportation Security Administration policy regarding filming and photography at checkpoints.
  • Filming and photography in the public areas of Boston Logan may not impede passengers or airline operations.
  • Cables cannot be run across roadways or in terminals.
  • Members of the media filming or photographing in areas beyond security checkpoints must receive approval in advance by Massport and must be escorted by a Massport representative.
  • All persons at Massport airports are subject to 740 CMR 30.21 (see Legal Notice below).
  • Access to areas not available to the general public—such as the airfield, the Boston Logan tower, Conley Terminal, the Black Falcon Cruise Terminal, or dockside when a ship is in port—is granted at the sole discretion of Massport.
  • Members of the media who are given such access will be subject to a satisfactory criminal background check and/or a federal terrorism threat assessment.

Access to leased areas must be approved by the leaseholder.

Massport’s Media Relations team has some still photographs and video of its facilities available for use by media upon request. This comes with the understanding the media outlet will credit the photographer listed and Massport when the images are published or broadcast.


  • Credentialed members of news organizations should contact Massport Media Relations before arriving at Massport facilities.
  • Parking availability at facilities may depend on a number of factors, and we ask outlets to contact Massport Media Relations for prior approval.

Plane Spotting

For those interested in engaging in plane spotting, please complete our Plane Spotting Request Form.

Brand Guidelines

To download official Massport logos, please click the links below.

Boston Logan International Airport Blue Logo
Boston Logan International Airport White Logo
Worcester Regional Airport Blue Logo
Worcester Regional Airport White Logo
Hanscom Field Blue Logo
Hansocm Field White Logo
Port of Boston Blue Logo
Port of Boston White Logo
Flynn Cruiseport Boston Blue Logo
Flynn Cruiseport Boston White Logo
Conley Container Terminal Blue Logo
Conley Container Terminal White Logo

For more information regarding Massport brand guidelines please contact our Creative Director, Mia Greenblatt via email.


Legal Notice

740 Code of Massachusetts Regulations (CMR)—Airport Security

30.21: Use of Cameras or Other Recording Equipment in Restricted Areas (Restricted Areas are any area of the Airport to which the public does not have authorized access.)

The use of a camera or electronic image recording equipment in a Restricted Area of an Airport that could reasonably be perceived as recording or attempting to record the image of an Airport security or emergency response measure is prohibited, unless authorized by the Authority.

At the Authority’s request, the user or owner shall surrender any media reasonably believed to have been used to store photographic or electronic images of a security or emergency response measure in a Restricted Area of an Airport. The Authority may confiscate any such media if the owner or user refuses to surrender it upon request.