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Flying Drone
Safety and Security

Drone Safety

Fly safe. Know the rules.

For the safety of critical infrastructure, like airports and maritime terminals, unauthorized unmanned aircraft systems (UAS or drones) are strictly prohibited from flying over or near them. Before you take flight, make sure you are familiar with the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) UAS rules.

Massport, in collaboration with the Massachusetts State Police, strongly advises owners and potential operators of drones or UAS to fully understand the rules before flying. Drones can pose a significant concern when operators do not follow the rules. Violators will face penalties for breaking the law.

To comply with FAA regulations:

●    Register your drone
●    Never fly near any aircraft, airports or other controlled airspace
●    Keep your drone in sight at all times
●    Always fly below 400 feet
●    Learn the rules for Remote ID and flying over crowds

Visit to see the complete rules and regulations.

Drone Safety

No Drone Zone

To promote safe drone use, Massport has installed around 200 "No Drone Zone" signs in over 50 parks and other locations around Boston Logan International Airport, as well as signage at other Massport sites and surrounding state, city, and local properties. Massport continues to work with neighboring communities to install additional signage, specifically within areas of increased drone activity along critical flight paths to and from our airports.

No Drone Zone Sign in Massport Park