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Project Environmental Filings—Hanscom Field

Learn more about past and current projects at Hanscom Field.

Massport prepares an Environmental Planning and Status Report (ESPR) every five years for Hanscom Field.

Key sections of the ESPR address Hanscom Field activity levels (aircraft and vehicular traffic), planning initiatives, noise abatement, air quality emissions reduction, sustainability initiatives, and environmental mitigation tracking. 

The most recent ESPRs are located below.

Hanscom Field 2022 ESPR Public Information Meetings

Hanscom Field 2022 ESPR

Hanscom Field Aviation Facility Improvements Project

Hanscom Field 2017 ESPR

Hanscom Field 2012 ESPR

Please note that some of these documents are large files, requiring extra time for download. If you have any questions or concerns about downloading these documents, please contact us.