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Uber Lift at Boston Logan

Ride Apps / Uber, Lyft

Uber and Lyft are popular ride app services that provide convenient ground transportation to and from Boston Logan International Airport. Boston Logan’s Ride App Pickup is located in a designated area for app-based ride services. Passengers should follow signs for Ride App/Uber/Lyft from the terminals on both overhead and underfoot signage.

Boston Logan Ride App Pickup Locations

Passengers using a ride app service may only be picked up in areas designated for ride app vehicles. Request a ride on a ride app once you get your luggage from baggage claim. Please find the designated areas for each terminal below.

Uber/Lyft at Boston Logan map

Ride App Pickup at Terminal A 
Follow signs to the Central Parking Garage, where Terminal A pickup and drop-off areas are located.

Ride App Pickup at Terminal B 
Terminal B ride app pickup and drop-off is now located on Level 2 (Departures) of the Terminal B Parking Garage. Follow signs to the ride app area.

Ride App Pickup at Terminal C 
Follow signs to the Central Parking Garage, where Terminal C pickup and drop-off areas are located.

Ride App Pickup at Terminal E  
Follow signs to the Central Parking Garage, where Terminal E pickup and drop-off areas are located.

How to Book Your Ride App/Uber/Lyft at Boston Logan

  1. After collecting your luggage and/or clearing customs, proceed to the designated ground transportation area.
  2. Open the Uber or Lyft app on your mobile device and request a ride, specifying your terminal as the pickup location.
  3. Look for signs or markings indicating Ride App.
  4. Follow the signage to locate the designated pickup area for Uber and Lyft.
  5. Once a driver is assigned, the app will provide you with information about the driver and their estimated arrival time.
  6. Proceed to the designated pickup area and wait for your assigned driver to arrive.
  7. Confirm the driver’s identity and destination before getting into the vehicle.

Accessible Ride App

Passengers with disabilities going to or coming from Boston Logan can choose to be picked up and dropped off in the Central Parking Garage, at the Terminal B Parking Garage, or continue on to the accessible locations at the terminal curb areas.

To request an accessible ride from your preferred ride app, please follow the directions below:

Step 1: Open the Lyft App
When you open the Lyft App, select your preferred destination. Once your destination is set, a rider will see pre-selected pickup locations within the Central Parking Garage.

Step 2: Move the pickup location curbside
Do not select a terminal pickup. Notice the open squares within the in-app airport venue. Drag the pickup pin into the nearest square. The purple shading around the airport will disappear when you are in these zones.

Step 3: Requesting a ride
Once within the squares, click “Set pickup” to request a ride.

Step 4: Waiting for your ride
Your driver will be on their way shortly. It typically takes 7 to 9 minutes for a driver to traverse the airport layout. Drivers will pick up passengers on the lower-level Arrivals curb.

Step 1: Open the Lyft App
When you open the Lyft App, select Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) as your destination.

Step 2: Select your terminal
Scroll on the left side of the terminal selector until you see “Accessible.” Then scroll on the right side to select your airline.

Step 3: Requesting a ride
Click “Set destination” to request your ride. Drivers will be directed to the Departures (upper) curbside 24 hours a day.

Step 1: Open the Uber App
When you open the Uber app, select the menu icon. 

Step 2: Open your Wallet
From the menu, select “Wallet.”

Step 3: Add promo code
At the bottom of your Wallet, select “Add Promo Code.” In the box that pops up, input the code BOSCURBACCESSIBLE and click “Add.”
You only need to do this once, and then you will have continuous access to the option.

Step 4: Request a ride
Navigate back to the main page and click “Get a ride.” Set your location to Boston Logan International Airport (BOS). In the menu of ride options, select “UberX Curb Accessible.”

Step 5: Set your pickup or drop-off location
Select your terminal and hit “Next.” When you are prompted to confirm, your terminal will be highlighted and labeled “Terminal X, UberX Curb Accessible.” Confirm your pickup.

Select “Boston Logan International Airport (BOS)” as the destination, and then select “Accessibility” under the list of Popular Airlines. The driver will be directed to the Departure-level curb of the terminal you choose.