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Parking Programs at Boston Logan
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Parking Programs at Boston Logan

Our parking programs for frequent travelers make parking at Boston Logan even more convenient.

Gold Parking Express

Parking Gold Card

Gold Parking Express makes airport parking a breeze with guaranteed parking for frequent flyers at Boston Logan.

The program guarantees a parking spot in Boston Logan’s dedicated Gold Parking areas, conveniently located inside the Central Parking and Terminal B Parking garages near the elevators to the terminals. Gold Parking Express members also receive a membership card for easy touchless payment, allowing you to skip the lines at the parking kiosk.

Upon successful enrollment, your credit card will be charged a one-time enrollment fee. An annual renewal fee is charged every year thereafter. The initial enrollment fee is $200, and the yearly renewal fee is $100.

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Time RangeRate
7 hours–24 hours                       $46.00                                            
Additional day 0–6 hours$23.00
Additional day 6–24 hours$46.00

Gold Parking is located in designated areas of the Central Parking Garage on Level 3, and on Level 4 of the Terminal B Parking Garage. Even if the roadway sign indicates the garage is full, proceed into the garage with your card.

There are two gated Gold Parking areas in the Central Parking Garage on Level 3, and one gated Gold Parking area in the Terminal B Parking Garage on Level 4. You can choose to park in the location that provides you with the best access to your terminal.

  • Pull into the garage using any lane.
  • Wave your card in front of the gate card reader. Do not pull a ticket.
  • Proceed and follow the signs to the gated Gold Parking area.
  • Wave your card in front of the Gold Parking gate card reader and park in the designated area.

Use any Exit Express lane and wave your Gold Parking Express card in front of the reader. Your parking fees will be automatically charged to your credit card and your receipt emailed to you within 24 hours.

If the system is unable to authorize the parking charge with the credit card on file, you will be asked to provide an alternative payment. Please put any valid credit card in the slot (stripe down and to the right). The current charge will be applied to that credit card. The receipt will be provided to you at the point of sale and will NOT be sent via email or appear on your account page. (Please note, this action does not change the credit card information that is on file.)

For questions or account inquiries, please contact Please allow up to two business days for a reply, although we make every effort to respond as soon as possible.

Parking Card Exit Express

Parking express card

Parking Card Exit Express is an easy way to pay for parking at Boston Logan and offers convenient, fast access in and out of Boston Logan’s parking garages.

With Parking Card Exit Express, you simply wave your parking card at the reader when entering and exiting the garage—that’s it. No ticket to pull. No time wasted at a parking pay station.

Your parking fee is automatically charged to the credit card you have on file with us, and a receipt is emailed to you within 24 hours.

Upon enrollment, you will be charged a $5.00 account activation fee to authenticate your credit card and activate your Exit Express card.

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If you are already an Exit Express card holder and would like guaranteed parking at Boston Logan, upgrade to an annual membership in the Gold Parking Express program! To upgrade your account to Gold Parking Express, sign in to your enrollment and select the “upgrade” option on the Manage Your Account page. If you are not already an Exit Express card holder and would like the convenience of the Parking Card Exit Express program PLUS guaranteed garage parking, enroll directly in our Gold Parking Express program.

For questions or inquiries regarding your enrollment, please contact us at