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Man with a hi-visibility jacket working on tarmac
About BOS

Security and Badging

Security is a top priority at Boston Logan International Airport.

Massport’s Security Badge Office handles all badging and secure access to the airport for employees, visitors, and individuals doing business at Boston Logan.

The Security Badge Office and Parking Violations Office are located on the Arrivals level of Terminal C, pre-security.

Security Badge Office Hours: 

Monday–Friday (excluding holidays)  
7:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Please speak with your authorized signatory to understand whether you need an appointment or can walk in.

Boston Logan Security Badging Information and Resources for Authorized Signatories

Massport aviation security badging- and permitting-related reference documents, SIDA application, TVP application, training and general badging information is located on the SAFE portal.

Please note access to the SAFE portal and the information contained therein is Sensitive Security Information (SSI) and can only be accessed and utilized by an authorized signatory.

Authorized signatories must return forms to the Security Badge Office using password protection functionality if they contain sensitive security information and/or personally identifiable information.

Aerodrome Permits