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Hanscom Field

Noise Complaints

If you have a question or concern about aviation-related noise at Hanscom Field, please complete our online form. First-time users will have to register on the portal before submitting their initial complaint.

Submit a Complaint

Additionally, make a report via phone by calling the noise report line at 781-869-8050 and leaving a message describing the incident.

When a complaint is received about a specific incident, the date and time are researched and a response is generated, providing as much information as is available. There are limits to what can be provided because many Hanscom Field flights use Visual Flight Rules (VFR).

If the complaint is related to a military flight, the information is shared with the community affairs office at Hanscom Air Force Base.

Note on VFR

Pilots fly either VFR or Instrument Flight Rules (IFR). When pilots fly IFR, information, including aircraft type and time of operation, is generated electronically. When there is VFR weather, pilots may choose to fly visually and they communicate with the FAA tower and are tallied for statistical purposes, but written information, such as aircraft type, is not available.