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Bond Official Statements

Massport’s Official Statements include information regarding the purpose(s) of the Authority’s bond issues, how the securities will be repaid, and the financial and economic characteristics of the Authority as at the time of such offering. An Official Statement is prepared in connection with each of Massport’s public bond offerings and discloses information deemed material to investors. Investors and market intermediaries may use this information to evaluate the credit quality of the securities and potential risks of the primary offering.

Note: Massport’s Official Statements have been provided for general informational purposes only. The information presented in each Official Statement speaks only as of the respective date of such Official Statement and has not been updated since that date and, as a result, may not address all factors that may be material to an investor and may contain material misstatements or omissions of fact because of the passage of time or changes in facts or circumstances subsequent to the date of such documents.

Revenue Bonds, Series 2022-A (AMT)(Green Bonds)
July 12, 2022

Revenue Bonds, Series 2021-D (Non-AMT)
Revenue Bonds, Series 2021-E (AMT)
March 10, 2021

Revenue Refunding Bonds, 2021-A (Non-AMT)
Revenue Refunding Bonds, 2021-B (AMT)
Revenue Refunding Bonds, 2021-C (Taxable)
February 3, 2021

Revenue Bonds, Series 2019-B (Non-AMT)
Revenue Bonds, Series 2019-C (AMT)
July 10, 2019

Revenue Bonds, Series 2019-A (AMT)
February 5, 2019

Revenue Bonds, Series 2017-A (AMT)
July 12, 2017

Revenue Refunding Bonds, 2016-A (Non-AMT)
Revenue Bonds, 2016-B (AMT)
July 12, 2016

Revenue Bonds, Series 2015-A (Non-AMT)
Revenue Bonds, Series 2015-B (AMT)
July 8, 2015

Revenue Bonds, Series 2014-A (Non-AMT)
Revenue Bonds, Series 2014-B (AMT)
Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2014-C (Non-AMT)
July 1, 2014

Tax Exempt Commercial Paper Offering Memo
May 10, 2012

Special Facilities Revenue Bonds (ConRAC Project), Series 2011B (Federally Taxable)
June 8, 2011

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