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Terminal C Canopy

Our Projects

Explore the exciting projects we are working on to continue to deliver best-in-class infrastructure to support our regional economy.

T-E Gates

As the gateway connecting New England to the world, Massport’s world-class facilities serve a global audience. 

Terminal E Modernization

Boston Logan International Airport’sTerminal E Modernization project will add four new, modern gate piers with two flex gating capability, 16 new ticket counters, a modern hold room, and duty-free, concession, and lounge spaces to accommodate diverse passenger needs at our only international terminal.

To enhance baggage processing, the existing baggage facilities are being augmented and expanded to follow the new expansion footprint. New amenities, including a mothers’ room, a pet relief area, and a sensory room, will improve the passenger experience.

In addition to providing an enhanced travel experience and smoother operations, this project is designed to respond to sustainability and energy efficiency needs. The Great Hall space is being conditioned using a displacement ventilation system for energy efficiency. This project has implemented photovoltaic glazing, electrochromic view glass, and water-efficient fixtures to contribute toward long-term sustainability goals.

Terminal B-to-C Roadways Improvement Project

Roads around Boston Logan

The Terminal B-to-C Roadways Improvement project is a $200 million replacement of the roadway system in Boston Logan’s Terminal B-to-C Corridor. The roadways in this corridor were subject to a weave condition that was causing conflicts between Terminal B exiting traffic and Terminal C entering traffic. This condition existed on both the Arrivals and Departures roadways and contributed to traffic congestion during peak operating hours. This project eliminates that weave condition and deconflicts the traffic by placing Terminal B and C traffic on separate roadways.

In November 2017, Massport began designing the project. Since that time, six construction contracts were released to accomplish a phased approach to construction. Five of the contracts are now complete. The completed contracts accomplished necessary underground utility work at Terminal A, new entrance roadways for Terminal B, new bus-dedicated Arrivals and Departures roadways between Terminals B and C, and installation of 16 LED wayfinding signs located over various airport roadways.

Piers Park II

Piers Park II render

Piers Park II is a high-impact community benefit project identified by both the City of Boston and members of the Logan Impact Advisory Group. Massport engaged the community in a robust collaborative design process for the park beginning in 2017.

The new park, designed as a fully accessible, active park on a 4.5-acre vacant lot on the waterfront in East Boston, will seamlessly connect to the award-winning 6.5-acre Piers Park I.

The program for Piers Park II includes a large multi-use central play area, multi-generational exercise equipment, a children’s music play area, a water feature, picnic spaces, a walking/running track, and a new sailing center and pavilion.

The park design incorporates landscape berms to mitigate sea-level rise, to ensure that the park design addresses the needs of the community both today and in the future. Several sustainability and resiliency elements have been incorporated into the design of Piers Park II. Specifically, the project will create a carbon sink by planting new trees.

The project will also reduce the heat island effect in the dense East Boston community by replacing the existing gravel lot with a 4.5-acre green space. Other project highlights will include a new energy-efficient sailing center building and LED park lighting.

Construction of Piers Park II is ongoing and expected to be completed by the end of 2023.