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Software Developers

Welcome to the Massachusetts Port Authority’s Application Development Center, created as a resource for developers interested in building mobile applications that integrate accurate updated content for Massport’s facilities.

Massport is a leader among airports, seaports and transportation agencies with regard to consumer based technologies. We recognize that users want to access timely and accurate information through multiple mediums and devices. Our goal is to harness technology to provide enhanced customer service. Through the Application Development Center, we are encouraging developers to build useful, innovative applications that deliver relevant updated content to our customers.

Content is provided here for Boston Logan International Airport; however we may expand that to include other Massport facilities in the future.

Data is provided via our RESTful web service framework in the Atom Syndication Format. Developers may access any of these feeds free of charge. However, use of the feeds requires acceptance and adherence to Massport’s Data Feed License Agreement.

Developer Feedback

We would like to hear about your application and get your feedback on this new service. Questions and comments may be submitted as well.

Massport Data Feeds

Developers wishing to access and integrate the data feeds must review the current Data Feed License Agreement (UPDATED 10/6/2010) for Terms of Use. Please note the Terms of Use may change at any time at Massport’s discretion.

As stated above, developers may access these feeds free of charge; however, the feeds may not be sublicensed or resold on a standalone basis. Massport will not sell or license applications.

To ensure accuracy of the information presented within applications, data may not be stored for more than 30 days.

Accessing the Massport GTFS Feed 

Download the latest Massport GTFS Feed

The Massport GTFS feed is updated regularly and subject to change at any time. We recommend checking for a new feed on a regular basis. It is always available at the above URL.