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Capital Improvements

Capital Programs and Environmental Affairs

Our Capital Programs and Environmental Affairs department is the force behind our Capital Improvements projects.

Capital Programs and Environmental Affairs (CP&EA) is Powering What’s Possible at Massport, responsible for developing and managing all capital improvements across our facilities. This work enables Massport’s mission of delivering safe, secure, and responsible state-of-the-art transportation facilities for the benefit of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the New England region.

We are proud to partner with leading design and construction firms locally and nationally on our innovative infrastructure projects that prioritize safety and sustainability.


Capital Programs and Environmental Affairs

Our Mission


Transform our industry through innovation, create value for our clients and deliver best-in-class infrastructure projects for our customers.


Excel in delivering projects that enhance our customers' experience by programming, designing and building safe, efficient and sustainable infrastructure. We commit to doing this by being inclusive, leveraging technology and finding opportunities to continuously improve our project management and delivery.

Massport Capital Programs Vision and Mission

Project Delivery

Most project designs across Massport’s facilities and properties are outsourced to professional design firms. This is accomplished through our Designer Selection Panel of experts  procedures. These procedures are used whether acquiring services for building- or non-building-related services. This allows us to be nimble as we improve our facilities by allowing us to obtain the expertise required for our work, then terminate when the services are no longer required. 

There are three approved means to deliver projects: Design-Bid-Build, Construction Manager at Risk, and Design-Build.

  • Design-Bid-Build (Massachusetts General Laws [MGL]MGL Ch. 149 and 30) is the traditional public bidding method, in which a designer is selected first and once the full design is completed, the project is bid and subsequently built by the contractor.
  • Construction Manager at Risk (CM@Risk) is available for building projects over $5 million as part of recent legislation MGL Ch. 149A. This allows us to start design and select a qualified construction manager through a qualification-based selection process and negotiate a price prior to the completion of the design. Most of the costs associated with the work are based on competitive bidding. The key benefits of this delivery method include selecting a contractor based on qualifications, the ability to engage the contractor to obtain their input during the design process, the ability to start construction before all components of design are brought to final design, and a guaranteed maximum price before the work is complete. CM@Risk is only available for vertical projects over $5 million. 
  • The Design-Build (DB) delivery method is available for horizontal (civil works) projects over $5 million through MGL Ch. 149A. This method includes a two-part selection process to acquire one entity to design and construct the project. The first part is a qualification-based shortlisting of teams, and the second step includes submissions from each team of both technical and price proposals.

In all three project delivery methods, the work is overseen by CP&EA in-house project managers with assistance from the resident engineers; A/E Services; the Tenant Alteration Application (TAA) Unit; Operating, Procurement & Contracts; the Administrative Team; the Survey Unit; the Design Technologies Integration Group (DTIG); Safety; Environmental; and Utilities Management. 

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About Capital Programs and Environmental Affairs

The primary functions of our CP&EA department include:

  • Capital budgeting and expenditure controls resulting in cost-effective, prioritized construction of facilities that further Massport’s overall goals
  • Project and contract management and technical expertise in the fields of structural engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, architecture, and construction
  • Keep management, including permit processing, approvals, and construction oversight
  • Project and contract management, technical expertise, compliance, and permitting support in the field of environmental management and sustainability
  • Utilities control, in the form of billing, procurement strategy, renewable energy, and innovative energy management
  • Full-service survey capabilities for design and project support, permitting, and legal support
  • Co-managing the implementation of Massport’s Roadmap to Net Zero
  • Employee health and safety support, including technical expertise, policies and procedures, training, exposure monitoring, medical surveillance, ergonomics, industrial hygiene, abatement, inspections, construction support, accident investigation, risk management, legal support, and personal protective equipment
  • Authority-wide asset management and condition assessments
  • Facility oversight and stewardship, often acting as both an advisory board on important facility issues and an extension of operating department staff
  • Assistance with developing and implementing strategic plans for Massport’s facilities
  • Working with key influencers and decision makers to strengthen understanding of the human, national, and economic security implications of extreme weather, changing climate, and man-made threats to Massport’s facilities and the region (resiliency)
  • Logan Office Center building management