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Port Resources

Trucker Transaction Requirements

Whenever conducting business at Conley Terminal, truckers should know the following information:

  • Massport-assigned trucker code.
  • Type of move (FULLOUT, MTINO, MTOUT, FULLIN).
  • Container number.
  • Bare chassis must be interchanged unless clearly marked as owned by the trucking company.
  • Last four digits of the Master Bill of Lading (imports).
  • Steamship line owner.
  • Booking number (exports) or EDO (reposition).
  • Size/type (exports, empties).
  • Hazmat documentation required.
  • Status of any operating refrigeration unit and accompanying genset.
  • Inbound gate closes at 4:15 PM. Truckers must have an active time-stamped Yard Pass no later than 4:15 PM to be processed.