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Port Resources

Receiving and Delivering Containers

Learn more about Conley Terminal’s policies for truckers receiving and delivering containers.

Receive (FULLOUT) Container

Ensure container is fully released prior to arriving at Conley Terminal by checking the following:

  • Container is Customs/USDA cleared and freight released.
  • All relative fees are paid—Import Usage, Government Inspection Fee, and Demurrage.
  • If an off-site government inspection is required, unit will be returning to the terminal for final clearance.
  • Proper Customs/USDA documents authorizing release of container for inspection (UNCL cargo only).
  • If taking delivery of an export container, have proper release authorization/documentation from the steamship line.


Deliver (FULLNO) Container
  • Ensure the Export Booking Guarantee is lodged in the terminal system prior to arriving at the terminal.
  • When pre-gating, use Export Lane 1, 2, or 3 in order to acquire container/cargo weights.
  • Ensure the container is delivered against the correct booking number in the terminal system.
  • Verify the size/type matches the booking.
  • Documentation verifying the container owner may be required for containers not originating from Conley Terminal (leased units/shipper-owned).
  • Hazmat cargoes must be accompanied by the IMO Dangerous Goods Declaration and a valid Dock Receipt as well as being appropriately placarded.
  • Any reefer container returned with a genset must be fully functioning upon interchange or it will be refused by the terminal. Any reefer unit delivered with a temperature discrepancy between the set temperature and actual temperature at the time of delivery that is greater than the acceptable range will be refused by the terminal.
  • If returning a unit from off-site government inspection, have required documents available for processing.