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containers at Conley Terminal
Conley Terminal

Foreign-Trade Zone

When New England importers use a Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) like Massport’s FTZ # 27, shippers save time and money. When goods are placed within the FTZ boundary, foreign goods are considered to be international commerce and not subject to U.S. Customs duties unless or until entered into the United States. In addition, raw materials, parts, and components can be admitted duty-free into an FTZ. Goods can then be assembled, manufactured, or processed—and the final product re-exported—while realizing savings on Customs duties on the final product versus singular components. FTZs can help with:

  • Deferral or elimination of duties
  • Manufacturing a product from foreign and/or domestic parts

Massport’s general-purpose FTZ # 27 consists of 129 acres conveniently located at various sites around Boston Harbor, easily accessible by highways I-93 and I-95. Because of its proximity to Boston Logan International Airport and the public terminals in the Port of Boston, FTZ # 27 serves importers to the New England region and wider domestic markets as well as exporters to markets worldwide.

East Boston

Three sites comprising 39 acres in and around Boston Logan International Airport cover assorted fuel-farm facilities.

BOSFUEL, the FTZ operator of the East Boston/Boston Logan site, can be contacted through William J. Phelan, Charter Brokerage Corp., at 203-840-7500.

12 Channel Street, South Boston

Just over two acres, this site includes a nine-story building with 315,000 square feet located within the Boston Marine Industrial Park.


This site is the 62-acre Boston Autoport at Moran Terminal and Mystic Pier, a dedicated vehicle import/export processing terminal. It includes 250,000 square feet of indoor storage space and convenient highway connections.

Contact John O’Donnell at 617-936-2108.

International Cargo Port, 1 Black Falcon Avenue, South Boston

Approximately 9 acres within the Boston Marine Industrial Park, this is Boston’s largest waterfront intermodal transportation facility. It offers approximately 400,000 square feet of warehouse and related office space and use of the adjacent dock.

Contact Maureen Ayers at 617-439-8989.

For more information, contact Massport's Maritime Department:

Erin Merkel, Director, Maritime Business & Trade Lane Development:

Andrea Romero, Maritime Trade Lane Development Manager:  617-946-4406