Runway 4R/22L Pier Replacement Work (expand)

Runway 4R/22L restrictions below.

  • Between 1400lcl (2 PM) – 2200lcl (10 PM) daily – Runway 22L/4R will be open with no use restrictions (except for the loss of CAT II/III approaches to Runway 4R).
  • Between 2200lcl (10 PM) – 1400lcl (2 PM) daily – The only permitted operation are arrivals on Runway 22L.  Departures from Runway 22L and arrivals/departures on/from Runway 4R are prohibited.

*** Cranes will be booming up to 145’Saturday, August 12th , from 0500 to 1400 then return Monday thru Friday from 0500 (5 AM) to 1400 (2 PM). Due to the adjusted crane schedule, the above Runway restriction times may be altered.  This will be confirmed and transmitted daily. ***