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Flight Number Airline Arrival Time Flight Status Gate
#2134 American Airlines 8:03P At Gate B18
#8141 Alaska Airlines 8:03P At Gate B18
#8918 Turkish Airlines 8:02P At Gate C16
#4017 Qatar Airways 8:02P At Gate C16
Boston Logan
H:43° L:38°
TNC Information for Drivers

Review Transportation Network Company (TNC) Drivers FAQ's, view an informational flyer with map of Boston Logan International Airport, and see rules for operation.
TNC Information for Drivers

Expedited Travel Options

Which TSA program is best way to cut screen time? The Boston Globe examines options helping travelers cut down wait times from curbside to their gates.
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The following programs offer customers important benefits that make travel easier and can reduce wait times for security screening.

TSA Advisory: Federal Gun Regulations

Boston Logan International Airport in partnership with the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) would like to remind our valued travelers about the important Federal regulations regarding traveling with firearms and munitions.
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