Runway Statement (expand)

Understanding runway selection:

The selection of which of six runways at Logan to use is a decision made by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on an hour by hour basis.

The factors used by the FAA to decide which runways to use include:

  • Weather conditions
  • Wind directions
  • Feedback from pilots
  • Runway snow conditions
  • Runway availability
  • Other operational considerations

Wind and weather patterns are the primary driver of the number of hours and flights a particular runway is used by the FAA.

Runway availability factors include:

  • Runway maintenance
  • Runway reconstruction
  • Runway snow conditions
  • Diversion flights from other airports, due to emergencies or weather, parked on a runway

In 2013, the State Legislature created the Massport Community Advisory Committee that is, among other things, reviewing runway use from a regional equity point of view. This Committee includes representatives from 35 communities that surround Massport facilities.

Construction update:

A recent runway reconstruction project at Logan, needed every 10 years to preserve the safety and quality of the airfield, required a major runway to be shut down for five weeks. This closure limited the FAA’s runway options. Along with poor weather, the maintenance work created both delays and more flights over certain neighborhoods.

The maintenance work on the runway was completed on schedule and the runway reopened on June 24. There are certain restrictions, however, due to the use of tall cranes at the end of the runway for a companion project to install a safety approach light pier:

  • The runway can be used all day for arrivals on Runway 22L subject to wind and weather
  • The runway is available during peak hours of operation from 2p.m. to 10p.m. in both directions on Runway 4R and 22L, subject to wind and weather
  • There are restrictions between 10 p.m. to 2 p.m. daily due to the cranes working on the pier on Runway 4R, the end closest to Conley Container Terminal

The work utilizing the cranes on the pier will be completed by the end of August and all runway restrictions will end at that time, subject to wind and weather.

These necessary projects were scheduled to have the least amount of impact on the surrounding communities and the traveling public. Nevertheless, some communities have been negatively impacted with an increase in overflights and noise and many passengers have experienced delays. Although the most significant disruption is over we continue to appreciate your feedback and your patience as the pier is completed.