Charlestown Properties

Our Charlestown-based maritime industrial facilities include Mystic Piers 48- 50, the Medford Street Terminal and the Autoport.

Mystic Piers 48 - 50
Together, Mystic Piers 48, 49 & 50 compose a waterfront bulk cargo terminal just east of the Tobin Bridge, covering approximately three and one half acres. Located in the Mystic River DPA, the site is used to import, store and distribute salt.

Medford Street Terminal
The Medford Street Terminal is made up of the former Revere Sugar Refinery and Somerville Lumber warehouse properties. Massport purchased these properties in 1986 in order to ensure they would remain available for marine cargo use. The total Medford Street Terminal site is approximately 14 acres in size.

Boston Autoport is located on an 80 acre site in Charlestown and can accommodate the processing of 70,000 motor vehicles per year for import or export.