Parking & Passenger Drop Off

Flynn Cruiseport Boston
1 Black Falcon Avenue
South Boston, MA 02210

Dropping off Passengers
If you are dropping off passengers, follow Drydock Avenue and turn right onto Black Falcon Avenue. Officers will direct you to the passenger drop off area.

If parking at the terminal, after dropping your baggage, head to the Flynn Cruiseport Parking Lot, located a quarter-mile from Flynn Cruiseport Terminal on 22 Fid Kennedy Avenue. The lot is open air and does not have any height restrictions. A complimentary shuttle service will be provided to bring you back to the Cruiseport. Ticketed cruise passengers receive a special rate of $19 per 24-hour period paid in advance online. Parking paid for onsite upon arrival is $20 per 24-hour period. Cash, Visa or MasterCard are accepted. 

Picking up Arriving Passengers
Try our cell phone lot! Flynn Cruiseport Boston's cell phone lot is located a quarter-mile from Black Falcon Cruise Terminal at 22 Fid Kennedy Avenue just east of the intersection with Tide Street. The lot is open whenever cruises arrive at Flynn Cruiseport Boston for the convenience of disembarking passengers and those picking up at the terminal.

The route from the cell phone lot to the terminal is well marked. Tell your party to call you as they exit the ship - the cell phone lot is only minutes away. 

Flynn Parking Map