How old is Boston?

Boston was first founded by Puritan settlers in 1630 and chartered as a city in 1822.

Where did Boston get its name?

Early Boston settlers called the town Trimountaine, but later renamed it after Boston, Lincolnshire, England, from which several prominent colonists had emigrated.

What is Boston’s nickname?

Boston has several popular nicknames: Bean Town, The Hub of the Universe, America’s Walking City, The Cradle of Liberty, Athens of America, and The City on a Hill.

How many people live in Boston?

2010's US Census figures show Boston had an estimated population of 617,594. The Greater Boston Metropolitan Area is the nation’s 10th largest with more than 4.4 million residents. It also lies within the 5th largest Combined Statistical Area in the US.

What television series were set in Boston?

The long-running sit-com Cheers is probably the most famous, but other popular series include: Ally McBeal, Banacek, Boston Common, Boston Legal, Boston Public, Crossing Jordan, The Practice, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, St. Elsewhere, and Spenser: For Hire.

What are some of the movies that have been set in Boston?

Over the years dozens of movies have been set in Boston, among the most popular are: Knight & Day, Good Will Hunting, Blown Away, The Bostonians, The Brink's Job, Charly, A Civil Action, Coma, The Departed, Fever Pitch, Field of Dreams, Fuzz, Gone Baby Gone, Housesitter, Johnny Tremain, The Last Hurrah, Legally Blonde, Malcolm X, Mystic River, Next Stop Wonderland, Now Voyager, The Paper Chase, The Thomas Crown Affair and The Verdict.

What is the tallest building in Boston?

The 60-story John Hancock Tower, built in 1976, stands 790 feet.

Why do people talk funny in Boston?

Many who were born and bred in the area, pride themselves on their Boston accents.

How old is Boston’s port?

Boston is the oldest continually active major port in the Western Hemisphere. The Port of Boston has been a vital transportation and economic resource for New England since Boston’s founding in 1630.