East Boston Properties

Maritime industrial property in East Boston includes the berth surrounding Pier 1 and the East Boston Shipyard.

The East Boston Shipyard and Marina is located on Marginal Street in East Boston between Piers Park and the site of the former Navy Fuel Pier. The shipyard was a major shipbuilding and repair site during and after World War II and was purchased by Massport in 1985. Prior owners include the U.S. Navy and Bethlehem Steel. Today it is the only ship repair facility in Boston Harbor equipped to serve mid-sized commercial vessels.

Features include:

  • 9 acres of backland, including 4 piers and approximately 20 acres of water sheet
  • 200,000 square feet of commercial office and industrial building area in 12 structures
  • 2,500 linear feet of commercial berthing space
  • Operational graving dock (67 ft x 256 ft)
  • 180 marina slips