Cruising Tips

Travel Tips From Cruiseport Boston's Facebook Fans

Check out these tips before you cruise!

  • Start your cruise off by leaving from Cruiseport Boston. It is convenient, newly renovated, clean, people-friendly and one of the least stressful ports around. You’re on vacation so start if off right!
  • Bring plenty of ones and fives for tipping ship service personnel when they go above and beyond! luggage
  • Bring a hat to protect your scalp, and wear sunscreen - even if you don't burn - you will. Typically, cruise ship personnel wear SPF 50.
  • If you are prone to motion sickness, get a prescription for the patch before you cruise, or take an anti-nausea/dizziness medication prior to getting on the ship.
  • Every minute counts on your cruise! Plan your days more effectively by reading the daily program left in your stateroom each night.
  • Staterooms are equipped with limited electrical outlets, so to ensure you can charge all your gadgets, take a power strip with you.
  • If you like your coffee iced, bring big plastic cups so you can fill them with hot coffee and lots of ice from the buffet, and when you are done, you can just toss the cup. Or you can fill up the cup and put it in your stateroom refrigerator, and just add the ice later! You can also bring a thermos to keep your coffee hot or cold all day.
  • Do your homework before you board your cruise! Research the ports you’ll be visiting so you can make a game plan on what sights you want to see once you get ashore. You don’t want to miss any of those “must see” attractions!
  • Stateroom lavatories are small, so bring a shoe organizer to hang on the door. You can then fill it with all your toiletries.
  • When packing be sure to put your medications and a set in your carry-on bag just in case your checked luggage finishes up in the opposite direction to where you are going.
  • Remember to pack your patience as sometimes you have to wait to embark, disembark, make spa and dinner reservations or book an excursion. You are on vacation so relax and enjoy the's a great time to people watch!
  • If you are a travel agent, put a bottle of wine in your client’s stateroom so they can have their first drink on you!
  • Purchase onboard credits throughout the year before you take your cruise. So for example, pre-pay online for a wine package, gift certificates and casino credits. That way it will allow you to splurge and spend more at each port of call or make other purchases onboard ship.
  • Pack a battery-operated candle for ambiance, which can double as a flashlight for late night trips to bathroom so you don’t wake anyone in your stateroom.
  • Bring insulated mugs to have coffee or iced tea on deck during the day, and also a travel alarm for your stateroom.
  • When traveling always cross-pack by putting an outfit in each other’s suitcase just in case one bag gets lost.
  • Remember to pace yourself when eating. There is so much food on a cruise that your eyes tend to be bigger than your stomach! It is definitely a good idea to “surf” the buffet first before filling up your plate.
  • Be sure you don’t over pack for your cruise, and make sure to leave just enough room for souvenirs and gifts to take home!
  • Bring extra batteries for all your electronics.
  • Once you board the ship, make reservations for all your dinners, classes, spa treatments and offshore excursions before they get filled up. That way you won’t be disappointed!