Terminal Process for Truckers

Quick & Efficient Movement Through Conley Terminal


Marlene Lio.........Terminal Gate Manager.......................................(617) 464-8298
Yani Lopez.........Manager, Customer Services and Port Claims....(617) 464-8296
Kitty Lau..............Pier Clerk Foreperson.........................................(617) 464-8217
Phil McGee..........Pier Clerk.............................................................(617) 464-8202
Kevin Mahoney...Pier Clerk.............................................................(617) 464-8215
Kathy Mulcahy....Pier Clerk.............................................................(617) 464-8218


Request for Trucker Registration.pdf

How to move quickly and efficiently through Conley Terminal Conley Terminal is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM with the Inbound Gate closing at 4:15 PM. Truckers must have an active time-stamped YARD PASS no later than 4:15 PM in order to finalize their transactions.

Access to Conley Terminal requires a Transportation Worker Identification Card (TWIC) and Massport Maritime Credentials which can be obtain by presenting a TWIC. Conley Terminal has a “NO VEST/NO ENTRY” policy. Drivers are required to wear a reflective garment such as a vest, shirt or jacket while at the Terminal. Those noted without the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be escorted off the premises by Port Police.


Whenever conducting business at the Terminal, truckers should know the following information:

  • Massport assigned Trucker Code.
  • Type of move (FULLOUT, MTINO, MTOUT, FULLIN).
  • Container number.
  • Bare chassis must be interchanged unless clearly marked as owned by the trucking company.
  • Last four digits of the Master Bill of Lading (Imports).
  • Steamship Line owner.
  • Booking Number (Exports) or EDO (Reposition).
  • Size/Type (Exports, Empties).
  • Hazmat documentation required, if applicable.
  • Status of any operating refrigeration unit and accompanying genset.
  • Inbound Gate closes at 4:15 PM. Truckers must have an active time stamped Yard Pass no later than 4:15 PM to be processed.


Ensure container is fully released prior to arriving at the Terminal by checking the following:

  • Container is Custom/USDA cleared and Freight Released.
  • All relative fees are paid – Import Usage, Government Inspection Fee and Demurrage, if applicable.
  • If an off-site government inspection is required, will unit be returning to the Terminal for final clearance.
    • Proper Customs/USDA documents authorizing release of container for inspection (UNCL CARGO ONLY).
  • If taking delivery of an export container, have proper release authorization/documentation from the steamship line.


  • Empty unit must be clear of any debris and odor-free or it will not be accepted.
  • Empty container noted with damages must be delivered to Columbia Coastal Service (CCS) damage area. Drivers noted delivering damaged units to the empty piles in the marshaling yard will be suspended from the Terminal.
  • Documentation verifying container owner may be required for containers not originating from Conley (leased units/shipper owned).



  • Ensure booking number is lodged in Terminal system with the size/type required.
  • Ensure container is suitable for booking.
  • Note if booking requires a genset for refrigerated loads.
  • If genset is required, arrive at the Reefer Department no later than 3:30 PM.
  • Containers noted with damage must be delivered to CCS damage area.  No empty containers noted with damage will be delivered for export booking.


  • Ensure Export Booking Guarantee is lodged in Terminal system prior to arriving at the Terminal.
  • When pre-gating, use Export lanes 1, 2, or 3 in order to acquire container/cargo weights.
  • Ensure container is delivered against the correct booking number in Terminal system
  • Verify size/type matches booking.
  • Documentation verifying container owner may be required for containers not originating from Conley (leased units/shipper owned).
  • Hazmat cargoes must be accompanied by the IMO Dangerous Goods Declaration and a valid Dock Receipt as well as being appropriately placarded.
  • Any reefer container returned with a genset must be fully functioning upon interchange or it will be refused by the Terminal. Any reefer unit delivered with a temperature discrepancy between the set temperature and actual temperature at the time of delivery, greater than the acceptable range, will be refused by the Terminal.
  • If returning unit from off-site Government Inspection, have required documents available for processing.


  • Loads must Pre-Gate in scale lanes 1, 2 or 3.
  • Once move is lodged at Pre-Gate, proceed to the Inspection Lane for inspection of the equipment, verification of seal number for FULLIN move, and receipt of active Yard Pass.
    • Verify Yard Pass displays correct information:        
      • Type of move (FULLOUT, MTINO, MTOUT, FULLIN
      • Equipment number
      • Steamship Line (owner)
      • Seal number
    • Inspection Process-Inbound 
      • Open container doors (MTINO moves) for inspection by the Lane Clerk
      • If container damages are noted, Yard Pass is marked and driver is directed to CCS    
        damage area.
      • Upon delivery to CCS, driver must have Yard Pass stamped or signed by CCS   
        representative, move will not be completed until properly processed.
      • Driver/Trucking Company access will be suspended if found delivering damaged
        containers to the Terminal's marshaling yard.  
      • Plastic zip ties MUST be disposed of in trash barrels located in Lane area.   
    • Inspection Process-OutBound         
      • Driver must INSPECT container for damages and INFORM the Gate Clerk of damages (in present) PRIOR to processing the Yard Pass. 
      • Import units marked as DAMAGED on the FULLOUT move CANNOT be STREET TURNED.  Units that have been STREET TURNED and were marked DAMAGED on the FULLOUT move will not be accepted on the FULLIN move.
      • No MTOUT container can be delivered to CCS damage area.                           
      • Seal verification- if MANIFESTED seal number is different thatn ACTUAL seal number (C-TPAT), container may not be delivered without steamship line authorization.
      • Containers with missing seals must be reported to Terminal Management and Port Police.  Steamship line will be notified and must authorize delivery. 
      • Yard Pass MUST be exchanged for EIR for completion of gate transaction
    • Finalizing Gate Transaction                        
      • Exchange Yard Pass(es) for EIR(s) for completion of Gate Transaction - one Yard Pass per transaction. 
      • CBP/USDA Exams vs. Un-Cleared(UNCL) deliveries.                               
      • "CUST EXAM" moves are processed as normal deliveries to the exam
        site.  Unit does NOT return to the Terminal.                           
      • "EXAM" units move on an UNCL to the exam site and MUST return to the 
         Terminal for final clearance.
      •  If there are any questions regarding processing Government Inspection targeted  
         containers, please contact Marlene Lio or Yani Lopez.