Parking Information

Easy Access, Convenient Parking Options

Boston Logan has many convenient parking options whether you need short-term, extended stay, economy rate or premium guaranteed parking - it's all here.

Our Central Parking Garage is convenient to all terminals and accessible via covered walkways with moving sidewalks.

We also have parking available in the Terminal B Garage and Terminal E Lots as well as our Economy Parking Lot with free shuttle bus service to all terminals.

Rates start at $23 a day for Economy and $32 a day for regular rate parking.

Parking Conditions

Current parking conditions are posted on our web site and also available via email.
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On the peak travel days of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday overflow parking often occurs. Upon arrival at Boston Logan, please follow instructions on the message boards posted along the roadway.

Curbside parking is not allowed at any Terminal.

Frequent Flier?

Never worry about parking again with Boston Logan's guaranteed parking program! Enroll in the Lexus Parking PASSport Gold program today and enjoy exclusive parking privileges, even when the garage is full.

If you don't need guaranteed parking, but still want easy access to Logan's parking facilities, sign up for Exit Express Card and enjoy efficient entry and exit from the garage. Simply wave your Parking Passport card at the reader and your parking fee is automatically charged to your credit card on file.

Picking Up Passengers

Logan's cell phone lot is a great place to wait for arriving passengers: cell phone lot info and directions.

Hybrid, Alternative Fuel and Electric Vehicle Parking Benefits

Drive a clean air vehicle and get a great parking spot. All of Logan's parking garages have reserved spaces for hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles. Electric vehicles can use one of 26 spaces to charge the vehicle while you travel. Same rates apply..
Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Parking Locations