Curb Changes - Terminal

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E curb changes will take effect on Sept. 12.  The first curb will have airport shuttle bus service, rental car shuttle service, shuttle service to the Blue Line rail service, free Silver Line service to South Station, Logan Express buses and other scheduled buses to points throughout New England.

The second curb will be reserved for active passenger pick-up, courtesy and chartered buses and shared vans.

Taxis are in a cul-de-sac at the east end of the building.

At each terminal, the signage color will correspond to the mode of transportation.

2013 08 Shuttle Airport shuttle routes for Terminal E are as follows:

#11 Runs between terminals
#66 Runs between the terminals, the Blue Line and the Water Transportation dock
#88 Runs between the terminals and the Economy Parking garage
#33 Runs between Terminal C and E and the Airport T Station and the Rental Car Center
#55 Runs between all terminals and the Blue Line and the Rental Car Center

2013 08 Silver Line The Silver Line which is free from Boston Logan into South Station in Boston which connects to the MBTA’s Red Line and Commuter Rail. The Silver Line also makes three stops in South Boston’s Seaport/Innovation District.

2013 08 Taxi Color Taxi loading area 

2013 08 Scheduled Bus Logan Express buses to four suburban parking lots located in Braintree, Framingham, Woburn and Peabody and Scheduled bus service to points throughout New England on lines like Peter Pan, Concord Coach Lines, Plymouth& Brockton, C&J, and Vermont Transit/Greyhound .

2013 08 Shared Van Shared van and courtesy (hotel) buses

2013 08 Passenger Pickup Passenger Pickup

2013 08 Limo Color Limo service