Community Relations and Government Affairs Team

The Offices of Community Relations and Government Affairs are Massport’s primary contact with local, state, and federal governmental officials, legislative bodies, and other public agencies regarding the communication of Massport plans and projects. The departments’ other principal function is to inform residents and opinion leaders of its impacted communities about those operational changes, new projects, and proposed developments that might impact their quality of life. We endeavor to develop plans and proposals that are as compatible as possible with community interests and we regularly solicit feedback from interested parties in order to minimize operational impacts and/or create final project plans that find environmentally-friendly ways to accomplish our operational goals.

We also manage Massport’s community partnership programs. We strive to help community entities achieve their enhancement goals; and provide access to the economic benefits generated by Massport in terms of goods and service contracts, jobs and the like. Through our commitment to build strong community partnerships we utilize employees’ expertise, time and/other Authority resources to enhance community and volunteer participation in community campaigns and programs (e.g. park cleanups, special event planning and promotion, advisory boards, fundraising, employment/interview and skill training, etc.).

Massport's Community Relations Team:

  • Elizabeth Dello Russo Becker, Acting Director of Community Relations & Government Affairs
  • Anthony Guerriero, Assistant Director of Community Relations
  • Alaina Coppola, Charitable Giving Programs Manager
  • Ellie Kasper, Administrative Assistant 
  • Audrey Nagle, Project Coordinator
  • Michael Vatalaro, Community Representative
  • Anthony Gallagher, Community Representative

Massport’s Government Affairs Team:

  • Nancy Donohue, Assistant Director of Government Affairs