Hanscom Publications & Reporting

Massport creates periodic reports to keep the public informed about its operations at Hanscom Field.

State of Hanscom 2016 (pdf)

2015 Annual Noise Report (pdf)

Hangar 24

Hangar 24 Archival Documentation Former Charles Stark Draper Laboratory and MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Hangar 24 Interpretive Display 2017

Jet Aviation

Jet Aviation: Final Environmental Assessment for Jet’s Site Safety and Efficiency Improvements Project 4.4.2014 (pdf)

Jet Aviation Notice of Availability of Environmental Assessment and Public Meeting

Jet Aviation Draft Environmental Assessment Site Safety and Efficiency Improvements Project (pdf)

Hanscom Field 2012 Environmental Status & Planning Report (ESPR)

2012 Hanscom ESPR (pdf)

Appendix A - Response to Comments

Appendix B - Airport Layout Plan

Appendix C - Ground Transportation

Appendix D - Noise

Appendix E - Air Quality

Appendix F - Wetlands

Appendix G - Cultural

2012 Hanscom ESPR Proposed Scope (pdf)

Hanscom ESPR MEPA Scope Presentation Power Point (pdf)

2012 Hanscom ESPR MEPA Certificate (pdf)

Hanscom Field 2005 Draft/Final Environmental Status & Planning Report (ESPR)

  • Note: Due to the large file size, this document has been divided into six sections:

                2005 ESPR Part 1 of 6 

                2005 ESPR Part 2 of 6                

                2005 ESPR Part 3 of 6                

                2005 ESPR Part 4 of 6

                2005 ESPR Part 5 of 6                

                2005 ESPR Part 6 of 6