Hanscom Publications & Reporting

Massport creates periodic reports to keep the public informed about its operations at Hanscom Field.

Jet Aviation: Final Environmental Assessment for Jet’s Site Safety and Efficiency Improvements Project 4.4.2014 (pdf)
State of Hanscom (pdf)

2013 Annual Noise Report (pdf) 

Hanscom Field 2012 Environmental Status & Planning Report (ESPR)

2012 Hanscom ESPR (pdf)

Appendix A - Response to Comments

Appendix B - Airport Layout Plan

Appendix C - Ground Transportation

Appendix D - Noise

Appendix E - Air Quality

Appendix F - Wetlands

Appendix G - Cultural

2012 Hanscom ESPR Proposed Scope (pdf)

Hanscom ESPR MEPA Scope Presentation Power Point (pdf)

2012 Hanscom ESPR MEPA Certificate (pdf)

Hanscom Field 2005 Draft/Final Environmental Status & Planning Report (ESPR)

  • Note: Due to the large file size, this document has been divided into six sections:

                2005 ESPR Part 1 of 6 

                2005 ESPR Part 2 of 6                

                2005 ESPR Part 3 of 6                

                2005 ESPR Part 4 of 6

                2005 ESPR Part 5 of 6                

                2005 ESPR Part 6 of 6

Jet Aviation Notice of Availability of Environmental Assessment and Public Meeting

Jet Aviation Draft Environmental Assessment Site Safety and Efficiency Improvements Project