Environmental Filings

Massport's most recent environmental filings are posted here:

Terminal E Modernization Project 
Environmental Notification Form

Terminal E Renovation and Enhancements at Boston Logan
Environmental Assessment

Worcester Regional Airport CAT III Instrument Landing System and Taxiway Project
Environmental Assessment

Northern Avenue Waterfront Development Plan
Final Amendment

Boston Logan Hangar 16 Proposed Demolition
Project Notification Form
Draft Environmental Assessment

Worcester Proposed Hanger Development
Draft Environmental Assessment

Logan Express Parking Garage (Framingham, MA)
Environmental Notification Form
Traffic Impact & Access Study

Environmental Assessment Proposed Rectrix Facilities
Environmental Assessment July 2013
Additional Information
Conley Terminal Improvements, Dedicated Freight Corridor, and Buffer Space
Environmental Notification Form

Boston Logan Renovations and Improvements at Terminals B & C/E
Environmental Assessment 2012

East Boston-Chelsea Bypass
Environmental Notification Form

Boston Logan Parking Freeze Reports
Logan Parking Freeze Report September 2012
Logan Parking Freeze Report March 2013
Logan Parking Freee Report September 2013
Logan Parking Freeze Report March 2014
Logan Parking Freeze Report September 2014
Logan Parking Freeze Report March 2015
Logan Parking Freeze Report September 2015

Boston Logan Runway Safety Area Improvements Project
Notice of Project Change - Public Comment Period Feb. 8 - 28, 2012
Draft Environmental Assessment/Environmental Impact Report
Final Environmental Assessment/Environmental Impact Report

Green Bus Depot at Boston Logan International Airport
Environmental Notification Form

Please note that some of these documents are large files, requiring extra time for download.  If you have any questions or concerns about downloading these documents, please contact us.