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the ability of a system to prepare for disruptive events, recover within a reasonable timeframe with minimal damage, and sometimes emerge even stronger.


Welcome to Massport’s Resiliency site. Please take a moment to review Massport’s Goals and Strategies for making our assets, and those of the surrounding communities and region, more resilient to threats  – avoiding long-term disruption, limiting destructive impacts, allowing for “safe failure”,  and creating operational flexibility. You’ll discover how Massport is planning for future challenges, as well as what our colleagues are thinking and doing. We’ve compiled information we’ve come across while doing our resiliency business; and, while by no means comprehensive, these resources provide a snapshot of much of the excellent work being conducted in this cutting-edge field of Resiliency. Diverse perspectives, creative approaches, and a sense of urgency underlie much of all the work. Reports, case studies, and industry products are listed under the Resiliency Resources page. We've included relevant News and Items of InterestRelated Links provides insight into what the public sector is doing at the national, state and local level, as well as non-governmental engagement. 

We hope you find the information and images informative, dynamic, and, importantly, inspiring.   

Peter B. DeBruin
Climate Mitigation & Resiliency Manager

Boston Harbor

Massport's Boston Logan International Airport and Maritime assets share Boston Harbor.


Of Interest

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2015 Rising Seas Summit
Transforming Decision Making, Developing Adaptive Infrastructure and Advancing Solutions

New England Climate Fundamentals Academies
New England Regional Workshop Series #1 October 5-6, 2015

EPA Flood Resilience Checklist
Is your community prepared for a possible flood?

View data related to climate change, including coastal flooding and flood resilience.

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