Massport Board and Executive Staff

Massport is governed by a seven member Board, six members are appointed to staggered, seven-year terms by the Governor of Massachusetts. The seventh member is the Secretary of Transportation and serves ex officio. All members serve without compensation.

Massport's Chief Executive Officer serves at the pleasure of the Board and is responsible for implementing the Board's decisions and carrying out its agenda with the assistance of Massport's executive staff.

Board of Directors

View the board meeting schedule and draft agenda.

Massport's Leadership Team

  • Thomas P. Glynn, CEO
  • Francis Anglin, Chief Information Officer
  • Matthew Brelis, Director of Media Relations 
  • Betty Desrosiers, Director of Strategic & Business Planning
  • James Doolin, Chief Development Officer
  • Ed Freni, Director of Aviation
  • David Gambone, Director of Human Resources
  • Joris Jabouin, Director of Internal Audit
  • Danny Levy, Director of Strategic Communications & Marketing
  • José C. Massó, III, Director of Community Relations
  • Catherine McDonald, Chief Legal Counsel
  • Elizabeth Morse, Chief of Staff
  • George Naccarra, Chief Security Officer 
  • John Pranckevicius, Chief Financial Officer
  • Houssam Sleiman, Director of Capital Programs & Environmental Affairs
  • Kelly Strong, Director of Labor Relations/Labor Counsel
  • Kenneth L. Turner, Director of Diversity & Inclusion/Compliance 
  • Lisa Wieland, Port Director